About Denise

Denise was born too long ago to mention in a bio on the web. Suffice it to say, she is older than she wants to be. The daughter of a sociologist and physicist, she grew up in the suburbs of Boston, which she decided at an early age was the most boring place on earth to live. To combat that boredom—and avoid doing schoolwork—she read and read and read. As a shy, awkward teenager, she focused her reading energies on romance novels because the heroes were a great deal less confusing than teenage boys. At fourteen, when she ran out of books by her favorite authors (Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt) she started writing her own, and has been writing every since.

Writing, however, is a difficult way to pay the bills, so Denise decided to rock the world with her financial skills, earning a B.S in Finance from Northeastern University. Sadly, she discovered that being a financial genius meant taking risks and so she settled into a career in accounting. Several years later she and her husband had their first son. Denise left accounting and happily settled into a life of homemaker and writer, concentrating on her love of Victorian American history.

A few months before the birth of her second son, Denise sent out her first query letter, gleeful at finally starting her writing career. And received her first rejection letter, which made her not quite so gleeful. Nor did the many rejections that followed over a period of more years than she cares to admit. During those long years she joined RWA and learned interesting things, like romance novels shouldn’t be 205,000 words long. Her critique group taught her even more interesting things, in much kinder and more amusing ways, and became very good friends in the process. She will be forever grateful to them for their kindness and wisdom.

After writing several books, in 2005 Denise’s book Wicked Widow was chosen for the American Title II contest, run by Romantic Times and Dorchester Publishing. And then, in July of 2006 she received “the call” from Hilary Sares at Kensington Publishing, who offered her a 2 book contract as a Zebra Debut author. Her first book, renamed Wicked Woman came out in December 2007. Her second book, a sequel, The Wild One, came out in January 2009.

Denise is still shy and still lives in suburban Boston (but a different suburb!). The town is just boring enough for her to keep writing her Victorian romances, generally with a mystery/murder element because nothing says romance like a dead body.