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"A gift for describing the West of the late 1800’s" Coffee Time Romance

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Shadows of the Soul

Finalist in Wisconsin's Fab Five Contest as Heart and Soul

What do you do when you discover your imaginary friend is real?

Beth Hartwell is a little bit crazy. Or so her hometown of Mayfield believes, due to her long-ago obsession with her imaginary friend. Although in 1871, at the age of twenty-two, Beth has long since forgotten him, the phrase sticks to her like prickles to wool. If she’s ever going to be normal, she must marry a nice, normal man, have nice, normal children and live a nice normal life. She’s one reluctant yes away from accepting the only man who’ll take her, when handsome, mysterious Luke Devlin comes to town. Upon touching him, visions of fire beset her, along with a deep, unexplainable familiarity. . .

Calamity and suffering follow Luke everywhere he goes. An orphan from birth, Luke was raised in the shadow of a mad aunt who insisted that he was evil incarnate—Satan’s son. After years of seeking proof that she was wrong, he finally accepts her ravings as prophesy. To fulfill that prophesy, he must claim his “dark angel,” the little girl with whom he had a telepathic relationship as a boy.

Unfortunately, Beth, a midwife and sister to the town’s preacher, is hardly “dark.” In order for Luke to win her, he must use everything in his arsenal, including seduction, lies and trickery. In order for Beth to pull him out of the shadows, she must uncover the secrets behind his sad, dying eyes. As the battle lines are drawn, however, a murderer strikes in Mayfield and the town accuses Luke.

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Running Wild

Finalist Aspen Gold Contest

Difficult to catch. . .impossible to tame. . .

Orphaned in the Colorado wilderness at nineteen with a brother to raise, cowboy Nick McGraw grew up fast and hard. Now twenty-five years later, he’s a wealthy rancher content with his quiet, peaceful life. At least he is until reformer Star Montgomery and her high-society family show up at his door, challenging everything he thought he wanted.

Despite threats from a secret admirer warning her to quit, Star Montgomery is passionately committed to the women’s rights movement. She’s steadfastly rejected the institution of marriage, for one cannot fight male supremacy when one must obey the supreme. Yet, with the hot Montgomery blood flowing through her veins, Star’s determined to experience the sensual joys of the marriage bed. Nicholas, handsome with a hint of danger, is the perfect man for the job. And perfect comfort to the fear stalking her. . .

Nick has spent his entire life taming the West; he has no notion of how to tame a Boston aristocrat. He refuses Star’s advances, for an honorable man doesn’t ruin his friend’s daughter. Still, captivated by Star’s wild spirit and worried for her safety, he agrees to spend the summer with the Montgomerys in the glittering resort of Newport, Rhode Island. There, tortured by desire, he battles with Star for control over a relationship that has no future. To keep his honor, Nick can’t stay. But he can’t leave either, because Star’s secret admirer is no longer satisfied with threats. He's taking action, determined to silence Star’s voice even if it means murder. . .


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The Wild Half

Colorado, 1876

Lilah Martin is a hunted woman who has roamed the West for three years, staying one step ahead of men who are trying to kill her. Fear is her only friend; staying alive is her only goal. Then she lands a job at the Bar M, a prosperous and well-protected ranch in Colorado, where she finds friendship, sanctuary and a life that is almost normal. Or so it seems until she falls prey to the wildly seductive and dangerously inquisitive Rick Winchester.

A former outlaw, Rick has spent five years searching for distraction from guilt over his wife’s death. He finally finds it in the simmering sexual attraction between Lilah and him, and the dark intrigue surrounding her. But the more he delves into her secrets, the more of a mystery she becomes, until, frightened, she flees the Bar M. Determined not to lose this woman, Rick races after her, catapulting them into a clash of wills, which can only end in the discovery of a deadly secret locked away in Lilah’s mind. A secret that could make them both rich. Or get them both killed.






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The Wild One

First Place, Write Touch Reader's Award 2010

San Francisco—Colorado—Texas, 1885

Betrayed and abandoned by her adulterous husband, actress Jess Sullivan has only one goal: to return home to the happy, comfortable “good girl” life she foolishly forfeited in the name of love. Before she can do that she’s determined to save enough money to pay back what she and her husband stole from her brother. Riddled with guilt, Jess has no use for men or romance, especially a man like Leland Montgomery, an ultra-charming, aristocrat turned footloose gambler.

Lee however, is enchanted by Jess’s breathtaking beauty, and quick, sharp wit. Assuming she follows the casual immorality of her profession, and hoping for a brief, torrid affair, Lee resolves to seduce her. Jess though, is hardly the shallow, loose woman he expects. As his feelings for her deepen, it becomes apparent that any relationship with her must be respectable. But men of his background do not marry actresses, especially ones that are already married. Then her stage manager is murdered, and when it’s discovered that the man gambled away Jess’s savings, she and Lee are blamed for the crime. After narrowly escaping the clutches of corrupt lawmen, they set out across the Colorado prairie, one step ahead of a posse and shadowed by a passion that will no longer be denied. . . .





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Wicked Woman

Nominated, Best First Historical, by Romantic Times

Finalist, Best Historical, Golden Quill

American Title II Finalist as Wicked Widow

Boston MA, 1855

After the accidental death of her third husband, former English noblewoman Morgan Turner flees the Philadelphia police for the streets of Boston. There she ends up in the arms of Ward Montgomery, the captain of the ship that brought her to America. Desperate and penniless, she succumbs to the simmering attraction between them, and, concealing her deadly past, brazenly offers to become his mistress. Unknown to Morgan, conservative, self-restrained Ward has pledged to restore honor to his proud Boston name, ruined by his lecherous father. Consumed by desire, Ward recklessly decides he can keep the affair a secret from his family and society. But as desire turns to love their secret is threatened, first by Morgan’s pregnancy—and then when the Philadelphia police discover the infamous Wicked Widow is living in Boston. . . .